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Charity Holiday Cards

Charity Holiday Cards are a great way to give back to a charity that best represents your company this holiday season.  Our unique holiday cards support 18 respected national and international charities - from children's causes, homelessness, health, the environment  and international causes.  We donate 10% of the sale price of the cards to these charities.  The back of these colorful Christmas and holiday cards include a statement of the charity's mission, along with their logo.  These cards, which are printed printed on recycled paper and can be customized with your own verse, logo and signatures.  Complete mailing services are available for all our charity holiday cards with a minimum of 500 cards.  Contact us.

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UNICEF Peace for All Charity Holiday Cards
Peace for All
YUM1647UNI4 ~NEW~  
$2.36 / 100 minimum
UNICEF Glittering Snowflake Charity Holiday Cards
Glittering Snowflake
YUM1625UNI4 ~NEW~  
$2.36 / 100 minimum
UNICEF Crimson Decorated Forest Charity Holiday Cards
Crimson Decorated Forest
YUM1626UNI4 ~NEW~  
$2.36 / 100 minimum
UNICEF Worldwide Joy Charity Holiday Cards
Worldwide Joy
YUM1640UNI4 ~NEW~  
$2.36 / 100 minimum
UNICEF Best Wishes All Around Charity Holiday Cards
Best Wishes All Around
YUM1629UNI4 ~NEW~  
$2.36 / 100 minimum
UNICEF Patchwork Dove Charity Holiday Cards
Patchwork Dove
YUM1611UNI4 ~NEW~  
$2.36 / 100 minimum

$1.79 / 200 minimum
Joy Cancer Research Charity Christmas Card
Joy Charity Christmas Card
$1.79 / 200 minimum
Five Paper Cranes (GH0506) Charity Holiday Card
Five Paper Cranes
$1.79 / 200 minimum
Folk Art Village Charity Holiday Card
Folk Art Village Charity Holiday ...
NAEH1744 ~NEW~  
$1.79 / 200 minimum
Moonlight Skate charity holiday card supporting Feeding America
Moonlight Skate
$1.79 / 200 minimum
Cardinal Capers Charity Holiday Card
Cardinal Capers Charity Holiday ...
NFCR1317 ~NEW~  
$1.79 / 200 minimum

Building a Friend
$1.79 / 200 minimum
Medallions (FA1018)
$1.79 / 200 minimum
Joy to the World Environmental Defense Fund Christmas Charity Card
Joy to the World Charity C...
$1.79 / 200 minimum
Holiday Greenery (BCF0706) Charity Holiday Card
Holiday Greenery
$1.79 / 200 minimum
Peace Parade (BCF1321) Charity Holiday Card
Peace Parade (BCF1321)
$1.79 / 200 minimum
Lots of Dots Charity Holiday Card
Lots of Dots Charity Holiday Card
MRC1817 ~NEW~  
$1.79 / 200 minimum
Colorful Village charity holiday card supporting National Alliance to End Homelessness
Colorful Village
$1.79 / 200 minimum
City Sparkle (FA1120) Charity Christmas Card
City Sparkle (FA1120)
$1.79 / 200 minimum
Wagon of Friends (FTC1423) Charity Christmas Card
Wagon of Friends
$1.79 / 200 minimum
Holiday Stroll Charity Holiday Card
Holiday Stroll Charity Holiday Card
$1.79 / 200 minimum
Peace (BCF1218) Charity Holiday Card
$1.79 / 200 minimum

Polar Bear Piggy Back WT0305
$1.79 / 200 minimum