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Snowflakes & Stars Holiday Cards

Holiday cards with snowflakes are a top choice for business holiday cards.  For many people, the holiday time is assocaited with snowflakes, and a  snowlake holiday card will instantly be noticed  and appreciated by most.  All cards can be customized with your own greetings and name, logo or signatures.

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Polar Playtime Holiday Greeting Card
Polar Playtime
A5110 ~NEW~  
$2.16 / 100 minimum
Luckiest Charm Holiday Card
Luckiest Charm
H08603 ~NEW~  
$2.06 / 100 minimum
Sparkling Sentiment Holiday Card
Sparkling Sentiment
H08619 ~NEW~  
$2.24 / 100 minimum
Snowflake Bliss Holiday Card
Snowflake Bliss
H08627 ~NEW~  
$2.24 / 100 minimum
Blue Dazzle Holiday Cards
Blue Dazzle
H08630 ~NEW~  
$2.24 / 100 minimum
Snowflake Gold Holiday Cards
Snowflake Gold
H08631 ~NEW~  
$2.06 / 100 minimum
Starlight Star Bright Holiday Card
Starlight Star Bright
H08632 ~NEW~  
$2.24 / 100 minimum
Frosty Flakes Holiday Card
Frosty Flakes
H08633 ~NEW~  
$2.06 / 100 minimum
Starlight Wishes Holiday Cards
Starlight Wishes
H08639 ~NEW~  
$2.24 / 100 minimum
Cascade of Stars Christmas Card
Cascade of Stars
H08640 ~NEW~  
$2.06 / 100 minimum
Vibrant Wreath Holiday Cards
Vibrant Wreath
H08645 ~NEW~  
$2.24 / 100 minimum
Wishing on a Star Holiday Card
Wishing on a Star
H08653 ~NEW~  
$2.57 / 100 minimum
Riverfront Rest Holiday Card
Riverfront Rest
H08662 ~NEW~  
$2.06 / 100 minimum
Holiday Boom Holiday Card
Holiday Boom
H08669 ~NEW~  
$2.06 / 100 minimum
All That’s Festive Holiday Cards
All That’s Festive
H08685 ~NEW~  
$2.57 / 100 minimum
Stardust Holiday Card
H17605 ~NEW~  
$2.24 / 100 minimum
Star Bright Holiday Card
Star Bright
H17661 ~NEW~  
$2.06 / 100 minimum
Crystal Clear Holiday Card
Crystal Clear
H17671 ~NEW~  
$2.06 / 100 minimum
Christmas Surprise Greeting Card
Christmas Surprise
HP08309 ~NEW~  
$1.72 / 100 minimum
Golden Stars Merry Christmas Card
Golden Stars
M0664 ~NEW~  
$2.75 / 100 minimum
Silver Snowflakes Merry Christmas Card
Silver Snowflakes
M0667 ~NEW~  
$2.16 / 100 minimum
A Touch of Silver Holiday Greeting Card
A Touch of Silver
M0670 ~NEW~  
$2.47 / 100 minimum
Silver Snowflake Holiday Greeting Card
Silver Snowflake
M0978 ~NEW~  
$2.16 / 100 minimum
Ribbons of Joy Holiday Cards
Ribbons of Joy
M0981 ~NEW~  
$2.47 / 100 minimum